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PoleStar General:

Will my strategy get me to my PoleStar?

Most people aim at nothing and hit it with amazing accuracy. It is not uncommon to have a strategy that is not consistent with your polestar.

Am I proactive in adding value to my business?

The only reason to own a business is to sell the business. Every decision made by a business owner should be directed at adding value. You can’t be certain that you’ve made the right decision if you don’t know what impacts value.

Am I aiming at nothing and getting there fast?

Most business owners are too busy working IN the business to work ON the business. Customers and vendors should not be relied upon to determine the direction of the business.

How much of my time should be focused on building business value?

Because of the demands placed on the small business owner he/she has very little time remaining to build the value of the business. Best practices are that the owner set aside time each day/week/month/year specifically to focus on adding value to the business.

Getting into Business:

I’m ready to start my business. What next?

Obtaining capital and creating a strategic plan can be daunting. It’s a scary thing to jump off the edge into the unknown.
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Will my business idea make enough money?

Your business idea needs to make economic sense before you commit your resources to it. Not all ideas deserve to use up “business oxygen”.

Do I have adequate capital to succeed?

One of the biggest mistakes made by start-up companies is entering the marketplace without enough capital. Lack of capital breeds inefficiencies which results in failed enterprises.

Growing my business:

Do I have a life outside of my business?

All too often a small business becomes a burden to its owner. Understanding and protecting your priorities is vital to your business and personal success.

Am I really a business owner or do I just have a stressful job?

If the majority of your time is spent as a technician you need to take a hard look at why you are avoiding the management and entrepreneurial rolls that you should be fulfilling. All people should focus on developing weaknesses into strengths.
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Does my business provide me with the income that I deserve?

One thing is for sure, you are making the income that you “deserve”. The key to success is increasing the income that you “deserve”. Having the courage to make decisions that increase what you “deserve” is vital.

Am I getting more out of my business than I put into it?

Burn-out is a major factor in the life of most business owners. Finding ways to leverage your inputs, both in human and financial capital will ensure your success.

Getting out of Business:

The only reason to be in business is to sell the business.

Having the end in mind should be one of your top priorities from the very beginning. If you aren’t constantly building the value of your business there is no need to deal with the stress of being an owner.

To whom will I sell my business? Are they prepared?

Peace of mind and quality of life are just two of the benefits of having a defined transition plan. If you wait until you want to transition out you leave a lot of potential value on the table.

How much can you increase the value by employing a few strategies?

It is surprising how a few small “tweaks” in the operation of your business can have a huge impact on the value of the company. These “tweaks” don’t just happen. You need to be proactive and make them happen.

3 to 5 years to exit plan? Start now. We can help.

Financial and personal preparations are vital for a successful transition out of your company. The longer you plan your exit the more successful your transition will be both in terms of sales price and your quality of life.
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