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Are people Born Entrepreneurs or is the Entrepreneurial spirit something that is cultivated and developed?

Recently I had reason to communicate with a 29 year old individual who is an integral part of a very successful startup. During that interaction it came I realized that his younger brother recently joined a team that is in the process of taking a small company and multiplying it in size and profitability many times over. Their father and uncle bought the family business from their father and multiplied it in value 6 times in a period of 10 years.

The obvious conclusion is that the entrepreneurial spirit was built into the DNA of these kids. I believe that these kids developed that spirit as they witnessed their father work to build the business and participated in meetings with him and were a part of decisions made by him.

Because of the wealth generated by their father, these boys had many more options at their disposal. They were not “forced” to take a job to provide for their young families. They had access to virtually unlimited capital and lastly, they had a financial safety net should their enterprises fail.

So… Was their entrepreneurial spirit:

A) Built into their DNA?

B) Developed during their upbringing?

C) Allowed to emerge due to the family wealth?

Very few would argue with me if I stated that the answer is all of the above.

I believe that for every entrepreneur that actually acts on the entrepreneurial impulses, there are 100 more individuals that don’t act on those impulses due to the following:

  1. They don’t have the confidence to follow their dreams
  2. They don’t have the capital to make their dreams a reality
  3. They don’t have a safety net should they fail

PoleStar Entrepreneurial Group is committed to assisting in removing these barriers. Over the last 26 years we have found that it is not only the start-up business that is stifled because of those thee issues, but existing small businesses fail to reach their potential because of them.

We firmly believe that with proper planning and access to capital, entrepreneurs can take their businesses to a significantly higher level than they presently operate.

Although we cannot solve their problems for them, the solutions to most of the issues that stifle growth are known to key personnel and they don’t act on that knowledge due to one or more of the three issues identified above.

Our job is to assist them in creating a strategic plan that alleviates the three concerns and coach them into and through implementing that plan. We get immense satisfaction from watching a business achieve its goals, and in turn, watching business owners achieve their dreams.

We love to talk to entrepreneur minded individuals, whether they have not created the opportunity to start their business or whether they want to take their existing business to the next level.

*PoleStar Entrepreneurial Group is all about helping business owners achieve their dreams.  Let us help you reach your PoleStar!

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